URL shortener bookmarklet

Create short links when you need them from your web browser

Our bookmarklet is a quick, easy and effective way to create short links as you surf the web. Our bookmarklet can be added to your web browser by simply dragging it from this page to your bookmarks. Once there you can click it when you are viewing a page that you wish to create a short link for.

Once clicked a page will appear containing your short link. You can then copy the new link and share as required. By clicking the newly created short link you will be sent back to your page.

Our bookmarklet has been tested to work with Internet explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. It will work with most modern web browsers.

To add the slink bookmarklet to your web browser simply click and hold your mouse over the link below. Whilst still holding the mouse button, drag the link onto your web browsers bookmark area. Once in position release the mouse button and the bookmarklet should remain fixed on your web browser.

Slink it!