Terms and conditions

This document is our terms and conditions, from this point on referred to as the "terms". By using any of our services you are indicating that you accept our terms and are prepared to act within our terms at all times whilst using our website, app or any other means. All of our offerings are referred to as the "service" from this point forward.

As a user of our service we require you to act within our terms at all times. Our terms are designed to improve the user experience and safety/security of our service. Any user(s) who we believe to be acting outside of our terms will be removed and/or blocked from the service.

1. Slink.co provides a quick and easy way for users to create short links. You may not attempt to create a short link that directs the end user to un-safe content. By unsafe content we are referring to any website, app or location that places the end user at risk. This includes but it not limited to...

All links are "Scanned" when they are created but we are reliant on third party data, and can provide no guarantee that a link created on our platform will be safe. Any user creating links to unsafe content will be blocked from the system. We will also provide any/all information requested by law enforcement agencies with regards to tracking users that create links to harmful content

2. No user may create a short link on our platform if it directs a user to illegal content. We actively remove links that point to illegal content. This includes but is not limited to...

The topic of illegal content may be considered subjective. To prevent this, all activity of our website will be governed by the laws of Scotland.

3. You may not use a computer, website or any form of automation to generate short links automatically without our prior permission. This puts excessive load on our system and resources and will not be permitted. If you do need to automate the process or creating short links please contact us in advance to discuss your requirements.

If we notice links being generated automatically we reserve the right to block your activity.

4. Do not create short links that point to other short link services. This is in breach of our terms because it makes it difficult for our systems to evaluate the threat your link may pose. Because of this your link may be flagged as a threat, even if it is not. There is little or no reason to link from our short link service to another unless there is an attempt to confuse our threat detection system. Because of this we reserve the right to block such links, or warn end users that the link may be dangerous

5. Do not use our short links in spam email. If you create a short link to send it as part of a spam email we reserve the right to remove your link, point it to a warning page and block you from future use of the service.

If you manage an opt-in mailing list you are more than welcome to use our service, by registering you will also receive access to our analytics. We do not want to be included within any spam emailing.

6. Slink.co retains ownership over all data that is generated via clicks on short links generated on our platform. This data is made available to registered members to analyze their own links. We may also use this data to provide general analytical data about the entire service. No business or user identifiable data will be used for any purpose. All data that is collected by us is anonymous.

7. Slink.co retains full copyright over our website, app and service. You may not use any of our copyright material for any purpose without our prior permission.

You MAY use screen shots of your analytics area for business purposes.

8. You are personally responsible for the sources you link to using our platform. This includes legal responsibility. You agree that you may be held legally accountable for your actions when using our service. Slink.co will not be held liable for any legal issues resulting from your use of our service.

9. We will work to the best of our ability to keep your personal information safe. We will also endeavor to provide you with a secure system. You may wish to view our privacy policy to learn more about the information we may hold on you.

10. You may choose to terminate your agreement with us at any time simply by discontinuing your use of our service. There is no need to provide us with any notice. You may continue using our service again at any time so long as you agree to again be bound by our terms whilst using our service.

11. We may amend these terms at any time with no notice to anyone. The current terms and conditions will alway be available on our website.

If you have any questions regarding our terms and conditions please feel free to contact us.

Last updated 18 April 2018.