Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously (all websites should) The following outlines what information we store about you and how we store this information.

The information we store about our users varies greatly based on their usage of the site. For example we may store more information about users who have an account as opposed to users who do not have an account.

Types of information

IP Address. When ever a user accesses our website they provide us with small piece of information referred to as an IP address. Your IP address is a numerical value that corresponds to your internet connection.

From time to time we may use a users IP address to block them from being able to access the service. This may be required when a user is found to have breached our terms and conditions.

Referral. The referral information we receive simply tells us how you came to our website. It could be from a search engine, a link from another website or by following one of our short URLs. We use this data to determine where our own web traffic is coming from. It is also used to provide analytic data to our registered users regarding their short link traffic.

Registered users who have access to analytics do not receive any personally identifiable information. They will be presented with information regarding operating systems used, web browsers used and referrals. They will not have access to IP addresses.

We do not store IP addresses of users who click one of our short links. We will use the IP address to work out country location for analytical purposes but once we have this information we will not store the IP address. We did store IP addresses in the past. All IP records (for short link clicks) were deleted on the 24th May 2018.

Username. If you choose to register with you will need to create a username. The username will be required for you to login to our website.

Your Name. During the registration process you will be asked for your first name and last name. Both these fields are optional and it is entirely up to you if you provide them. Providing this information may assist us to better address you should we need to make contact with you.

Password. When you create an account on our website you will be required to provide a password. When you try to login to our site this password will be required. We encrypt all passwords to prevent anyone being able to access it. Even we cannot view your password.

Email Address. Registered users are required to provide us with an email address during the registration process. This email address needs to be validated to ensure the email address you provide is indeed your email address and not someone else's. We will never provide your email address to anyone else (individual or company) unless we are required to by law.

By creating an account on you agree that we may contact you from time to time regarding our service. If you decide you would rather we do not contact you, there is an un-subscribe link at the bottom of every message we send.

Regardless of your choice of un-subscribing or remaining subscribed we still reserve the right to contact you regarding your use of our service. For example if we detect you may have breached our terms and conditions we may contact you regarding this.

Short Links Created. We store all short links along with details of the user who created then within our database. This database is used as a critical part of our system to determine where to redirect our short links.

Data collected from users visiting short links

For data analytic purposes we collect non-personal information from users who arrive via one of our short links. The following' outlines the information we collect from such users...

We do not provide and identifiable information to our users, we simply provide a collection of data points build using the merged data

We work to maintain a secure system that keeps your information safe. If you have any further questions about our privacy policy please contact us.

Last updated 28 May 2018.