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From time to time you may notice there is a difference between the clicks displayed next to your link within the control panel and the click count displayed within your short link analytics. This is due to how clicks are counted for each method.

The click count within the control panel that is located next to your link is designed to be an estimate. It literal counts every single "click" on the link and increments in with your total. Within Analytics we attempt to provide you with a much more accurate number so all clicks need to meet certain requirements before being counted.

When you post links to certain social media pages they may crawl the link to detect if the link is safe. This will show as a click within your control panel, but will be ignored in the analytics because it is not a real user.

You may also notice changes to your total figures within analytics during the day as we remove entries that are not true users. The aim is to provide analytics that accurately represents real users, not bots that access your links.

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