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If you have received a spam email with a link to a URL on slink.co it DID NOT get sent by us.

We operate a free service that allows people to create short links to help them share content via the web, email and social media. The problem is, some people have chosen to abuse our service and use it as a tool to help them sent unsolicited mass emails. If a user creates a short link on our service it may look to the untrained eye as if we are responsible for the email. We are not!

We receive a lot of emails from people asking to be unsubscribed from a mailing list or asking us to stop sending them spam. It is very important to understand that we do not send emails, and we work very hard to make it difficult for others to do the same. When we find our service has been used to send spam we flag the link as dangerous. We then show all users a warning page when they click the link within the email.

All we do is provide a service for shortening links. Here is an example of our links in action. The first link is the full link, the 2nd link is our shortened version...

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