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If you try and create a short link on our service you will be unable to do this if your IP address has been identified as having created dangerous or malicious links previously. Our system automatically flags bad links and blocks users IP addresses

In this case the error message you receive will be as follows...

You are not allowed to create short links from that IP address. The IP address you are using has been blacklisted from our service.

If you are blocked from using the service you will still be able to access the site as usual, but you will not be able to create short links. This is a feature that has been put in place in the interest of security. It is against our terms of use to use our service for linking to malicious or dangerous content or including our short link within spam email messages.

If you have not used our service to generate links that were used in a method that breaches our terms you can contact us and we will investigate.

If you do contact us please explain that you are appealing your IP address being blacklisted. You will also need to tell us your ap address. You can find this by visiting the following website...
What is my ip.

We will not allow users to abuse our service.

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