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Warning message when creating a link
If you try and create a short link on our service you will be unable to do this if your IP address has been identified as having created dangerous or malicious links previously. Our system automatically flags bad links and blocks users IP addresses In this case the error message you receive will be

Received Spam Email
If you have received a spam email with a link to a URL on it DID NOT get sent by us. We operate a free service that allows people to create short links to help them share content via the web, email and social media. The problem is, some people have chosen to abuse our service and use it as

Are all slink links unique
Not all links created using our URL shortener are unique, for example, if you wish to shorten a URL that someone else has previously shortened then we may re-issue the same short link. It is important to note that our short link system has a finite number of possible codes, so it makes sense to re

Error message whilst creating short-link
If there is a problem with a web page at the time when you try and create a short link you may receive an error message. The page needs to be accessible when the link is being created or the process will fail. During short link creation, our system quickly accesses the URL to ensure the content is

Using our short links in mass mail
You can use our short links within mass mailings as long as they are not unsolicited mass mail (spam) If we believe you have used our short links within a spam mailing the link will be blocked and your account suspended. Within our terms and conditions, we explain that it is against our terms to u

Can you recover a disowned link
Once you disown a link it is no longer associated with your account. Our system will treat it just like a link that had been created by a non-logged in user. The system will also delete all analytic data when a link is disowned. If you disown a link and later decide you did so in error and would

Using Slink without an account
You are more than welcome to continue using slink without creating an account. You can easily create short links to share via social media, the web or email. You will however not receive any information on how many people actually clicked your link. Lets say for example you own an opt-in email list

Difference between clicks in account as opposed to analytics
From time to time you may notice there is a difference between the clicks displayed next to your link within the control panel and the click count displayed within your short link analytics. This is due to how clicks are counted for each method. The click count within the control panel that is l

How does a link shortener work
URL shorteners are pretty common on the web and the principals behind them are fairly simple. There are however a number of issues and real-world obstacles that you need to overcome. When a user arrives on the website they will be presented with a text box and a button. The text box is where the u

What is stands for "ShortLINK COmpany" We are a web service that allows anyone to create free short links to help them share web and internet content via social media, the web and email. We also allow users to gain analytics based on users who click the links they generate. We take a str

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