About slink

Slink.co stands for the short link company. We provide a quick and easy way to convert long awkward URL's into nice clean, short and share friendly "Slink Links". Our URL shortener service is completely free to use.

From time to time you may come across a piece of web content that you would like to share with people. This can sometimes be problematic, if the web page you wish to share has a very long URL. Twitter for example has a limit of 280 characters for your entire message. If you post a long URL, you are using up lots of this space.

A URL created using Slink.co is only 14 characters long.

The data behind the link

When you create a free account on Slink you will gain access to a powerful and useful tool-set that will empower you with numbers and analytic data collected from your short links. This can provide you with key data and information points that will enable you to determine the effectiveness of various link placements.

As an example, you may wish to create a short link and post it on social media platforms. As users visit your content via your slink link you will be able to determine what platform is generating the most clicks.

Our analytics not only provides you with the total number of clicks, it also provides you basic information on traffic sources, web browsers being used, geographic location, operating system and more.

From within your account page you will be able to view data on the last 30 links you created. Analytics will only become available for Slink Links that have generated at least 20 clicks.


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