We shrink links to make them easier for you to share via social media, the web and email. stands for the Short Link Company. We provide a quick and simple tool that allows you create nice short URL's that are much more user friendly for sharing

From time to time you will come across a piece of web content that you would like to share with people. This can sometimes be problematic if the web pages you wish to share has a very long URL. Twitter for example has a limit of 140 characters that can be used for the entire message. If you post a long URL you are using up lots of those characters.

A URL created using is only 14 characters long.

Our service is free, quick and easy to use. As well as our website we also offer a very handy method for creating short links as and when you need them. We provide a bookmarklet that will allow you to create a short link whenever you find something you would like to share. Simply click the bookmarklet on your browser and we will present you with your short link code without even needing to visit our website.